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Ski de printemps - CGH Résidences

Зоны катания и отдыха/ Курорты

La Forêt Blanche
Ла Вуа Лакте
Альп д'Юэз Гран Домен
L'Alpe d'Huez
Зона катания Сент Фуа Тарантез
Sainte-Foy Tarentaise
Зона катания Гран Борнан
Le Grand Bornand
Зона катания Лез Уш
Les Houches
Ле Гран Домен
Ле Гран Массив
Les Carroz
Три Долины
Les Menuires
Ле Порт дю Солей
Эспас Диаман
Les Saisies
Эспас Сан Бернардо
La Rosière
Bourg Saint Maurice
Champagny en Vanoise
La Plagne
Tignes - Val d’Isère
Валь Сени Вануаз
Val Cenis


La Ferme du Val Claret
La Grange aux Fées
La Reine des Prés
La Villa Romana
Le Centaure
Le Chalet des Dolines
Le Chalet Les Marmottons
Le Coeur d'Or
Le Cristal de l'Alpe
Le Hameau de Pierre Blanche
Le Hameau du Beaufortain
Le Jhana
Le Kalinda
Le Lodge des Neiges
Le Lodge Hemera
Le Napoléon
Le Nevada
Le Ruitor
Le Télémark
Le Village de Lessy
Les Alpages de Champagny
Les Chalets d'Angèle
Les Chalets de Flambeau
Les Chalets de Jouvence
Les Chalets de Laÿssia
Les Chalets de Léana
Les Chalets du Soleil
Les Cimes Blanches
Les Clarines
Les Fermes de Sainte-Foy
Les Granges du Soleil
L'Orée des Cimes
L'Orée des Neiges
Panorama Vars 2000

Skiing in the spring

CGH residences for a great stay in spring


Don’t put the sticks away and come skiing in the spring!

Ideal conditions

February comes to an end. Days are getting longer, you gain daylight. Temperatures are getting sweeter, the tip of your fingers is getting warm. Skiing in the spring means you can enjoy both snow and sun. It is indeed a popular misconception to think there is no more snow from March and numerous skiers are wrong to think the skiing season is over as soon as the early lights of spring are starting. You have to be aware that snowmelt do start in March but there is enough snow to keep on skiing until the end of April.

Spring to make the most of your holidays

You will be able to spend more time on the slopes because, as we just said, days are getting longer. In addition, you will gain time by not queuing at the ski lift. You will thus be more efficient and to get down the slopes one after the other throughout the day. Even the most enthusiastic skiers will be able to slow down and get tanned on a terrace for lunch or chill around the shops of the station. The other great advantage of skiing in the spring is the financial one. You will get some great deals on your accommodation, ski rentals and ski pass.

Perfect for your children to start

Even if it’s still snowing at times, spring holidays are a great time to learn how to ski, especially for children. Slopes are very less crowded than during winter holidays and weather is much more agreeable. Skiing with a fleece jacket by 12/13°C is much nicer than skiing with a snowsuit when the thermometer is going below zero. You can then enjoy the long days to ski in the morning and enjoy another activity in the afternoon.