Urban Style

Urban Style


With "Aské", discover the universe of street art and Graffiti. Workshops and demon for young and old
Gas masks, gloves and dirty shoes accompany an X-ray dive in the heart of the creative organs, which grow, form, and develop with Aské
"Vectorized by a desire for freedom, the Hip Hop, and more particularly the Graffiti took place in my urban everyday life. Discovery, passion, sharing, rendered on a human scale, guide me in my career as a city dweller. Exchanges, programmed or hazardous encounters, at corners of concrete angles more or less clean or raised, feed my intuitions. "

With Anthony Pemjean, ParKour instructor, discover an urban sport.
Parkour is a physical activity that consists of moving efficiently through one's own motor skills, in different types of environment. The tracer - practicing Parkour - develops his body and his control through a training method combining races, passing obstacles, jumps, climbing ... The "Freerunning / Art of displacement" is from the Parkour but focuses more on the aesthetics of the movements.
Workshops for young people from 12 to 16 years old and over 16 years old.